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Yeadon IP works in partnership with clients to identify, protect and develop IP assets. We also provide advice in respect of licensing, valuation and sale of IP.

It is our belief that strategic, commercially focused advice is essential to enable our clients to make informed business decisions. IP assets can play a key role in the growth of a strong business. We therefore work with our clients to develop an IP strategy that will enable them to take full advantage of current and future growth opportunities, including the attraction of investment should the need arise.

Our resources include a strong base of patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and other IP lawyers in the UK, Europe and throughout the world.

2015 IP Innovation Award Development Agreements


Patents protect new inventions . They can be used to stop competitors taking advantage...

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A trade mark is a sign that is capable of distinguishing your goods or services from those of your competitors...

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A registered design protects the appearance of a product. It can prevent a competitor from copying...

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Copyright protects literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works. Computer programs are considered...

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Other Services

In addition to our core work securing patent, design and trade mark protection we...

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About Us

Yeadon IP works in partnership with clients to identify...

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