Dr Mark Yeadon

Mark holds an honours degree in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford and a
doctorate in Metallurgy and Materials from the University of Birmingham. Since graduating he
has worked in University and Government research laboratories in both the United States and
South East Asia.

For his doctorate, Mark investigated the growth of high temperature superconducting oxide
materials, including thin films formed by laser processing. In the US he worked in the
Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-
Champaign investigating the growth of semiconductor thin films and nanostructured materials.

He then headed a team of scientists in Singapore developing materials for semiconductor and
optoelectronic devices including nanomaterials. He gained extensive experience in the design
and development of scientific equipment in the US and Singapore, including ultrahigh vacuum
electron microscopes with in-situ materials growth capabilities.

Mark’s practice spans the areas of engineering, physics, materials science and computing.
He handles a range of subject matter including semiconductor materials processing and
device technology. He also handles patent applications in the fields of advanced electronics
and telecommunications, mechanical and structural engineering including automotive and
aeronautical engineering, scientific equipment, instrumentation and computer software.

Mark is also an Examiner for the Patent Examination Board (PEB) that administers the UK
Chartered Patent Attorney professional examinations. He also tutors residential revision
courses on European Law for the European Qualifying Examinations of the European Patent
Office, and on Amendment of UK patent applications for the PEB examinations.

Posted on: 2nd July 2015, by : YeadonIP